AI-Generative-Text-ChatGPT-Prompt Engineering

Title: ChatGPT: 5 Prompt Engineering Secrets For Beginners


Key Takeaways:

  • Providing sufficient Prompt Context can guide ChatGPT and improve the quality of the generated content, while insufficient context can lead to off-topic responses.
  • Prompt Task Definition is important for ChatGPT, as it should be specific in size and avoid ambiguity, and in line with the capabilities of the model or chat.
  • Prompt Specificity is important for ChatGPT, as the more specific the prompt, the more likely it will generate a targeted and accurate response.
  • Prompt Iteration is an important part of the prompt design process for ChatGPT, as each iteration should be guided by the results from the previous trials.
  • The author demonstrated an example of Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT, by submitting a prompt to ChatGPT and it generated a 300 word article, then employing Prompt Iteration on each concept within the initial generation, creating section headers and expanding the base article out to 1200 words.